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Ivan Zavada

Sydney, NSW

Sonic preoccupations: Electroacoustic music

Artist Statement: Ivan Zavada is a composer, multimedia programmer and designer who lectures in computer music composition and electroacoustic theory at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. His research focus is on the interactive relationship between image and sound within the realm of electroacoustic music.

In general, Zavada’s work questions the conceptual nature of music by examining the relationship between concrete sounds on fixed recorded medium and visual elements of abstraction rendered in computer graphics. The combination of sound and image in multiple layers challenges the medium’s representational paradigm with the use of modern technology and makes electroacoustic composition and multimedia applications particularly interesting and significant today. Zavada studied electroacoustic composition at the University of Montreal. He has also composed a number of soundtracks for documentaries and feature films. Zavada's works have been performed in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia and North America, and broadcast nationally in Australia, Canada, Germany and United States.


Contact: ivan.zavada[at]sydney[dot]edu[dot]au (replace [at] with @ etc)

MP3/Video Sample Title: Aquasonic
Aquasonic is a sonic voyage into the mind of an athlete, during the multiple stages of a competition event (swimming), where self-motivation constantly pushes the physical barriers, which at times can be compromising and challenging, until finally the state of jubilation is attained at the end, during which a performance self assessment is subconsciously triggered. The sound sources are water from a pool and the swimmers movements in the water, as well as sub-aquatic sounds. They were modified to represent what might be a complex network of inner forces regulating high performance output. This piece was part of the Empirical Soundings project - soundscapes from the commonwealth, an international call for surround sound installations, part of the cultural activities concurrent with the Commonwealth Games 2006.

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