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Gail Priest

Sydney, NSW

Sonic preoccupations: vocal and instrumental material transformed by multiple levels of effects; finding the melodies in field recordings and extracting unintentional musical material from digital debris

Artist Statement: I seek to have a multi-faceted practice in which sound is the key material of communication and investigation. The outcomes of this may take the form of solo laptop improvisation, live audiovisual collaborations, soundscores for performance and dance, gallery installations, curation of exhibitions and concert events, and critical writing on sound and related media arts.

I am interested in testing the porous barrier between abstraction and representation. My work employs a sensuality and a deliberate prettiness, intertwined with harsh, cracked and abrasive elements, to both lure and challenge a listener. In this way I strike a balance between making music and breaking music.

Originally trained in the performing arts the core of my practice is in sound design for dance and contemporary performance, frequently playing the soundscores live. I also perform live electro-improvisation at events in Sydney and nationally and have received several commissions from ABC Radio. In 2008 I undertook a 6 week residency at Tokyo Wonder Site creating the installation and CD 28 Songs for a City. My debut CD Imaginary Conversations in Reverberant Rooms came out in 2006.


Contact: gail[at] (replace [at] with @)

MP3/Video Sample Title: Twirl
This is an excerpt from a soundpiece made for Martin Del Amo's dancework Never Been This Far Away from Home, 2007.

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