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Massimo Magee

Brisbane, QLD

Sonic preoccupations: pure, new, all-encompassing free improvisation

Artist Statement: Massimo Magee is an improviser based in Brisbane, Australia. He plays tenor and sopranino saxophones, clarinet, trumpet, piano, amplifier, sine waves, tape recorder, ukulele, samples, field recordings, home made instruments, found objects, harmonica, radio, electronics, and anything else he can get his hands on. He focuses on pure improvisation for the sake of improvising, rather than for distinctly musical or artistic aims, as a spiritual practice. Most of his work is released on the netlabel [Array], but has also been featured in the compilation 2, ihatemusic compilations III and IV, Eartrip magazine's second compilation, and more. He has been honoured to perform with Lee Noyes, Elliott Dalgleish, Scott McConnachie, Yusuke Akai, David Wallis, Matthew Horsley, Jack Richardson, John Porter, Tad Koyano, Brad Upton, Sam Pankhurst, Chris Vale and others. He has performed at Melbourne's Make it Up Club, Brisbane's Audiopollen Social Festival and Valley Jazz Festival, and the Brisbane Jazz Festival. He is currently at work on a planned 25-CD collection of solo improvisations.


Contact: [at] with @ etc)

MP3/Video Sample Title: Bulstrode Whitelocke
Live, unedited free improvisation with no overdubbing.
This is [Array] release [AR05]

Copyright Status: creative commons - BY-NC-ND