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Michael Graeve

Melbourne, VIC

Sonic preoccupations: Sound performances and installations with an 'orchestra' of domestic record players and loudspeakers.

Artist Statement: Michael Graeve is an Australian artist working across painting and sound installation, performance and composition. Recent hotspots of his exhibition and performance activity include Australia, Germany, USA and Korea. He presented work at the 2006 Sonambiente Berlin, and at a Tonspur residency in Vienna in 2007. He is a board member of the Liquid Architecture Sound Art Festival in Melbourne Australia.

Since 1993 his musical instrument of choice has been domestic record players and loudspeakers. He assists these systems in picking themselves up: Rich textures and rhythms fall together and fall apart, evidencing simple interactions between machine process and human gesture. At the same time he has developed a painting language of hard-edge abstraction, and the combination of these practices has led to hand-held, awkward surround sound and surround vision installations in which painting and sound are intimately linked, yet no less contradictory in force.


Contact: mg[at]michaelgraeve[dot]com(replace [at] with @ etc)