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Sydney, NSW

Sonic preoccupations: improvised experimental rock soundscapes

Artist Statement: Forenzics is a 3-piece band based in Sydney that plays free-noise/improvised/ experimental rock-related music. Core instrumentation is 2 guitars and drums, but with an open-ended approach to instrumentation and improvisation the band has also featured prepared banjo, voice, bass guitar, and lo-fi electronics. Sometimes spontaneous 'songs' appear out of the chaos, at other times it takes shape more like a textured sound-collage or soundtrack. The members of Forenzics have been active in the alternative/underground music scene here since the late 1980s in one form or other. Having played and guested in many obscure acts, and some you might have heard of including: The Hoax, Strange, Waiting for Guinness, Dbl, Melma Hydrogen, Jekyll Switch, Gypsy-dub sound, Lunchtime at the Sheltered Workshop, Captains and more tba.

Influenced by the noisy, freeform guitar sections heard in Sonic Youth, Hendrix, No Wave groups, Neubauten, Black Dice, Mogwai,  etcetera

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Contact: forenzicsmusic[at]gmail[dot]com (replace [at] with @ etc)