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Robert Curgenven

Northern Territory

Sonic preoccupations: Field recordings, harmonics, feedback, audiovisual

Artist Statement: Working with harmonics, textures and resonance as articulated not only through instruments/objects, in space and place, but also in time and the dislocation of the remote, Robert Curgenven's sound explores slowly shifting layers in the fabric of fields of perception. Creating vast landscapes from carefully detailed recordings through to immersive resonances via deft manipulations of sound pressure, working by hand without a computer. Playing in a variety of contexts from pure field recordings to instrumental harmonics and feedback - described by one audience member as "like a punch in the face while elsewhere flowers bloomed."

He has lived for much of the past eight years in Australia's Northern Territory, working in small towns and remote locations in radio, health and the arts as well as auspicing and directing Sounds Unusual - NT Festival for New Music as well as touring and exhibiting installations throughout Europe and Australia.


Contact: rf[at]recordedfields[dot]net(replace [at] with @ etc)

MP3/Video Sample Title: Silent Landscapes No 2
Tracing an arc of parallel resonances traversing land and winds from Wollumbin (Mt Warning), east to Karlu Karlu (Devil’s Marbles) in Central Australia, north-west to the Tanami Desert’s harsh perimeter, to the tropics’ by the Katherine River, back east to the Musical Fence in Central Queensland before returning to camp.

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