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This book is the result of the combined labours of people who have been tireless in their involvement in experimental music in Australia. I would like to thank all the contributors for their time, memories and wisdom. Most specifically I need to acknowledge Julian Knowles as the consultant. He prepared the draft outline of the book, which I was then asked to flesh out and to bring to fruition. His guidance and wisdom, both in this project and his continued advocacy for the sector, has been invaluable.

I would also like to thank the many people whose ears I bent along the way including Peter Blamey, Samuel James, Robin Fox, Stephen Jones and Caleb Kelly, and to Keith Gallasch and Virginia Baxter who have taught me all I know about editing and publishing. I am also grateful to the staff at UNSW Press, in particular Elspeth Menzies, Chantal Gibbs and Emma Driver for their patience, generosity, guidance and respect during this process.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the artists, musicians, composers and producers who have led the way in these bold explorations of the outer limits of sound and music, particularly those who never received the respect and recognition that they deserved in their lifetime. 



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